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Our Story

Learn More About the History of Pediatric Therapeutics Inc.

We have bridged the gap of working as consultants with clients and their own staff, resulting in collaborative teams that focus solely on developing programs for children’s needs.

Lee Ann Fancher, PT, DSc, has worked in pediatrics her entire career. After gaining experience in a variety of Early Intervention, Preschool and School-Age special education programs, Lee Ann identified a need for a new type of related services vendor, a vendor that not only placed highly qualified contractors but combined staffing with knowledge of mandates, appraisal of existing research, and data analysis to ensure the best use of related services program-wide. To implement this vision, Lee Ann created and manages a sister company PHSPartners, LLC. PHSPartners creates and licenses software, TeamSync ® to EI provider agencies, IUs, and school districts. TeamSync is the most robust therapy time management tool in the marketplace, offering complete transparency and accountability for vendor invoicing and related services time tracking.  TeamSync’s data management tools provide innovative data mining opportunities to clients.

Lee Ann completed her Doctor of Science degree in 2019. Her research has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, JOTSEI. Her research interests include interdisciplinary practice, implementation science, and using adult learning theory to build professional competency for therapists working in IDEA programs.

Our Mission

PTI helps its client partners and parents maximize outcomes for children experiencing developmental delays through the implementation of evidence-based and best practices.

Our Vision

PTI is an industry leader in the implementation of recommended practices under IDEA. We’re agile, we facilitate the adoption of emerging evidence-supported practices in EI and special education settings.

Our Values

  • Inclusion and equity
  • Value-based programs
  • Stewardship
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