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Our Mission

PTI helps its client partners and parents maximize outcomes for children experiencing developmental delays through implementation of evidence based and best practices.

Helping Families Understand What Early Intervention Is

Great Support

Since 1993, PTI has placed highly qualified Speech Pathologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists and Teachers in Early Intervention, Preschool and School Age programs throughout Pennsylvania’s southeast and central regions. We have proven that Independent Contract positions can benefit therapists, teams, children and students.

Related service staff benefit from lifelong learning when they work in environments that promote collaboration and interdisciplinary planning. Learning from interdisciplinary team members and working together are critical to helping children and students with development delays reach their potential. By placing the right therapist in a supportive setting, we create stability for our therapists, opportunities for them to grow professionally, and maintain the highest quality supports for children and families.


PT Inc. is well known for its expertise in assessment and evaluation in Infant Toddler EI.

PTI contractors evaluate and determine eligibility in Early Intervention for over 7,000 children annually in Pennsylvania. Our evaluators are some of the most experienced clinicians in EI with an average of twenty plus years of experience. PTI is the go-to agency for many former program supervisors and administrators seeking to work in EI.

Our value does not stop at the professionals we place in school settings. We attribute our success and longevity to our commitment to helping our client partners maximize their use of therapy resources within their programs. To offer the greatest value to our clients, we conduct needs assessments to help our clients identify opportunities for program improvement and then develop and provide targeted professional development designed to build capacity for professionals and across teams. Given our understanding of IDEA and ADA, we regularly consult with our clients on policy and program guidelines to follow mandates.

PT Inc. also provides therapists to Preschool school age programs in 5 counties.


In EI, every day, our teams support families of young children by helping them identify how their children learn. Through coaching, we help families identify new opportunities to support their child’s development which leads to improved confidence and quality of life for families and children.

In preschool and school age, our therapists work within interdisciplinary teams to help students maximize educational goals.

Since 1993, PT Inc. has been providing therapists and consultative support to local programs. As educational mandates and evidence-based interventions continue to evolve, we have been there every step of the way for children and families helping them understand the supports available through educational programs. We have been there for therapists helping them define and maximize their role as a related service provider.

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